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Chennai Office

This is Econship Marine Pvt Ltd in Chennai. A shipping line with 20’ & 40’ GP, HC, FR, & OTs for your service. We export to places as per the map above. High end technology, friendly service, & young, well maintained containers are all to carry your cargo. We are more than six years into business & are one of the leading NVOCCs in New Delhi & northern India, because of the support from happy customers like you.

Sales Team : (sales@econshipping.com)

Export Team : (1) Mayur (2) Gaurav : (boooking@econshipping.com)

Import Team : (1) Vikas Singh (2)Joseph : (igm@econshipping.com)

DO Team : do@econshipping.com

BL Team : bl@econshipping.com

Contact Us:
Address: Old No: 12 (New no 28 ),Second Line Beach,
2nd Floor, SMJ Paris Plaza R.No.2G,
Chennai - 600 001
Telephone : 022 3381 4011

How To Reach:
We are in building called SMJ Paris Plaza, 2nd Line Beach. The Place is behind General post office. The nearest station is Beach railway station. It's a 5 min walk from Beach station.The nearest bus stop is Beach Station Bus stop it's a 3 min walk from bus stop. Beach station is central part and another land mark in between Airtel showroom And Central bank.

Difficulty To Reach?:
We are here to work for & serve you. We will go & visit you wherever you are. We are working very hard to eliminate the need for you to to come to us. Our BL is 100% online. You can print your OBLs from the comfort & convenience of your own offices or factory. We authenticate, and e-sign twice before authorising you the Originals only once. You can get all your invoices online. You can pay online as well. Or else, just write the cheque on our name and drop it in any Axis Bank after entering cheque details online from your login. So simple. In case of imports, you can get your Invoices, Delivery Order, Storing Order and CFS Permissions etc online. Even your Bond & other documents can be kept online. So why come to us? We would reach you where ever you are.