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What is an NVOCC?

Non Vessel Operating Container Carriers. A shipping line that has space arrangement with common carriers & other shipping lines.

How good is your service?

We work hard to give our best to the customer. We believe in excellence. If you happen to have a service issue, please write directly to ceo@econshipping.com

How good are your containers?

Many brand new Units. The older ones are well maintained. We do not carry loose metal scraps & dirty cargo.

How low are your freights?

We are very competitive. We cut costs & pass on to customers.

How friendly is your import tariff?

Among the NVOCCs we are on the lower tariff. Detention & demurrage as per industry norm. Damage charges ‘nil’, unless major accident.

How to book first time with Econship?

Fill in KYC. Our Sales manager would visit you & he would file your rates. An account is opened. Then you login & do.

How do I manage my SI & Bills?

Login with your id & password. Fill SI. Finalise. Upload Shipping Bill/Export Permit. Call. OBL shall be locked & you shall be Authorised to print your own BL. On plain A4 sized papers, print them. Sign them. Date them. Scan/photo & upload them. Get the OBLs authenticated by Econship. See your Bills & can fill in payment details. Simple.

What if I forget my password?

Just type your register id & click on ‘Forgot Password’ & it will be mailed to your registered ids.

How do I plan my bookings?

Check online live vessel schedule & plan. You can also plan Transhipment connecting vessel basis the live schedules. Or just call us. 24/7.

Why should I pay BL fees, when I do myself & Print myself?

Econship spends on Research & Development to serve you better. This money is not only used in making it more convenient for you, this also saves our environment with very less use of paper & filing.

Can I surrender (Telex release) my BL or Switch the BL in a different place or take a Seaways BL?

Yes. You can from the convenience of your office. From your Login.

Is it legal that I sign my own BL?

Ours is a cloud based eBL. It is digitally signed in 2 distinct steps by Econship’s office before it can be circulated. Without that you can not print the OBLs. Your ink signature is just a formality to satisfy more traditional institutions. As a precaution & safety, you have to upload a scan/photo of the signed & dated OBLs along with your export permit/Shipping Bill and then the OBL is Authenticated as genuine by Econship.

How do I get my CRO or DO?

Can get from shipper login. Plus you get an automail.

How do I know at what rates & free time you have booked for me?

You can check anytime from online in your Invoice. Free time in the BL body & auto mail as well.

Can I pay freight or local charges in a 3rd place?

Yes. Advise us. We would arrange same. We usually charge 2% on the amount to cover exchange rates, remittance costs, & additional admin costs.

What happens if I do not finalise the BL within 48 hours of vessel departure?

Most ports & customs demand manifest 72 hours prior arrival. Our POD offices too need some time to prepare the data in a particular manner as per the local rules. Therefore, a minimum of 100 USD is charged if BL is not finalised in 3 days of vessel departure.

What if I need to amend the BL after it is locked?

Once locked, the data is processed & submitted for manifest. If you edit after locking, the new data can not be manifested without amending in the customs. Then we charge 50$ for any change after locking, in addition to any amendment costs.

Can I change the final destination after loading?

Yes. You can, if the container not yet reached FPOD & can be retained onboard. COD charges would apply. We will find a way for you.

Can I bring the container back after it is unloaded at FPOD?

Due to customs problems it is difficult, expensive, & time consuming. It would be better to find another buyer in places like Bangladesh, Myanmar, & Pakistan.

What documents do I need to give for any amendment to manifest & how long would it take?

Original Invoice, Packing list, NOC from shipper & consignee. Usually takes from 1 week to 6 weeks. Some minor ones get done in 3 days in India.

How much do I have to pay in case the container gets damaged?

For small damages no charges. If big damage, then we would request you to appoint a surveyor. Would be guided by joint survey.

How do I know the status of my shipment?

You can check from ‘Track Your Shipment’ on our webpage by typing either the BL No or a container No.

How do I release my cargo in the absence of the OBLs?

Against LOI from both shipper & consignee. Against BG of 100% of invoice value or Company guarantee by Shipper & Consignee both.

If I discover that the container I picked for stuffing has previous damage?

Just inform us & send the photo of the damage. Our POD shall not charge you.

Can I split one BL after loading to multiple BLs?

Yes. Advise our offices.

If I have different types of packages, how do I declare it in the SI?

Declare as 1 Container. And the gross weight per container.

If I have more than 1 Seal No, how do I write?

Write the second no in the body of the BL.

Can I get a BL before the container is loaded?

Yes. As RFS (Received For Shipment) BL

What documents are needed for making Shipper's KYC?

(1) PAN & TAN certificates (2) Service Tax No (3) Export Invoice from any MLO (4) Income Tax Return copy (1 & 2 are mandatory)

How does a shipper place a booking and how long does it take?

From shipper login, can place a booking instantly. Same gets confirmed in 20 minutes.

What is shipper login?

Post KYC, each shipper is given password & id to login. Can place a booking, print invoices, pay, do SI, print OBLs, check past shipments, and even see POD charges.

When freight is nil or in minus, how does the shipper place a booking?

Enter freight as '0' and type the minus part in Remarks.

If shipper is unsure of vessel or date of loading?

Can leave the row blank and type what he wants in remarks.

What if the shipper forgets his password?

He can type his registered email id and click on Forgot Password. Password will be sent to his id automatically.

How to plan connecting vessels by shipper?

Can select from dropdown menu in the booking. Before that must select 1 or 2 Transshipment Points.

How Econ is different from other shipping lines or NVOCCs?

(1) Quality Service (2) New or well-maintained containers (3) Technology use

Econ offers?

High quality service. New & well maintained containers. Simple & easy online systems for the customers.

Econ is strong in?

High quality service. New & well maintained containers. Simple & easy online systems for the customers.

Service ports of Econ?

All Indian ports & ICDs (Even the smallest & remotest), Singapore, Port Klang, Pasir Gudang, Penang, Chittagong, Dhaka, Mongla, Yangon, Laemchebang, Bangkok, Hochi Minh City, Haiphong, Manila, Jakarta

Econ BLs insured?

Yes. TT Club. LLoyds.

Econ BLs registered?

Yes. In Peoples Republic Of China, Ministry of Transport.

When was Econ started?


Got Awards?

Yes. 3 awards. (1) Asia Pacific Brand Award (2) Singapore Top 100 (3) Singapore Distinguished Maritime Award.

Econ rated by any independent rating agency?

CRISIL as SE 2B. A High Performance company.

Group Annual Sales?

2015 : 22 Million USD, 2014 : 15 Million USD, 2013 - 8.3 Million USD & Expected in 2016, 25 Million USD

Types of containers of Econ?

Dry van 20 & 40 HC, ISO Tanks, Flat Racks, Open Tops

Own Econ offices?

Singapore, Malaysia, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Gandhidham, Tuticorin, Cochin, Ludhiana, Kolkata, Port Klang, Pasir Gudang, Penang

How many containers?

7000 TEUs of Dry, ISO Tanks, & Special Equipments as on Jan 2016

Where can anyone get shipment status, like SOB, ATA, BL status, IGM No, CFS, Depot etc?

Track My Shipment - BL or Container No

Track My Shipment is real-time or manually fed?

Real-time. Automatic. No information delay.

Why Econ does not carry scrap cargo?

No lose scrap like HMS or turning/boring. To maintain containers of high quality. Can accept bundled ferrous & non-ferrous scrap.

Why low value cargo not accepted?

To prevent abandoning of cargo at POD by consignees & penal proceedings against Econ by Ports like Jebel Ali.

Full form of DC, HD, HC, FR, OT, ODC, GP?

Dry Cargo, High Density, High Cube, Flat Rack, Open Top, Over Dimensional Cargo, General Purpose


Port Of Loading, Port Of Discharge, Final Place Of Loading, Estimated Time Of Arrival, Actual Time of Arrival, Estimated Time Of Berthing, Bill Of Lading, Shipped On Board

How many days are free in exports and how is the detention calculated?

We give 14 days free. From the time the customer picks the Units to until he hands over to the Port for loading within the window period of the planned vessel.

What is e-Signature?

The document is passed online by an authorised person from his login. His name, time of passing, and the IP address are captured in the system. Since persons having only unique email ids are authorise

The printed OBL looks like a photocopy. Can this be accepted?

The looks of a document depends on the quality of paper and printer. To have a good looking OBL you may use bond paper and colour printer. However, in our business authenticity & reliability are more important. Our eBL system is more secure & safe than conventional BLs with ink signatures and seals.

How do I fill the SI or Shipping Instructions?

From your Login. Guidelines & precations can be seen as mouse-over on the fields. SI should be filled before departure of the vessel.

What is Locking of a BL? And why is it necessary?

The shipper locks the BL, after entering all information on SI. Information can not be changed after locking. The reason for locking is that, the data in the BL can be safely submitted to the Customs

When can I lock BL?

3 working days before the vessel arrives at the POD. Sunday, Saturdays or Fridays in Islamic countries, are not to be counted. For short transits, where the transit time is lesser than 3 days, the BL

Why is CMC or Container Maintenance Charges so high for metal scrap cargo cargo?

For bundled scrap it is Rs 3000/ per TEU and loose HMS or Turning & Boring scrap it is Rs 5000/. When scrap is overloaded or more than 26T per TEU, there is another surcharge of Rs 3000/ or extra secu

How long does it take to release a booking?

Within 20 minutes

What is MECRC in Dubai Port?

Middle East Container Repair Company is the monopoly inside Jebel Ali port to clean or repair containers. Since there is no competition, they charge unfairly & unreasonably high. It is difficult to av

OBL is lost. How to take DO?

(1) LOI (Letter Of Indemnity) from shipper & consignee (2) BG (Bank Guarantee) of 100% cargo value from consignee. This can be waived against premium of 300 USD (3) Admin Fees 100 USD. Link to download LOI http://tinyurl.com/paoxjlr

Can I change FPOD (Final Place Of Discharge) and how?

Yes. Before SOB can be done without charges. After SOB (1) 100 USD as COD charge per BL (2) LOI

Where can I find the LOI Forms for Release without OBL, & amendment of BL after Locking,?

You can find the most used Forms under Download in home page. Other Forms are there in Branch Login dashboard.

Has Econship got ISO Quality certification?

Yes. ISO 9001-2008 by British Certification Inc. Econship believes in quality.

Has Econship been rated by any rating agency?

Yes. By CRISIL. SE2B. A strong performer.

What is unique about Econship?

(1) eBL (2) eDO (3) Dedicated Customer Login (4) Focus on high standards of quality