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Ranked as a top NVOCC, Econ Shipping is a professionally managed box operator in Singapore. Founded in 2009, we're known for our professionalism in India, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai among other ports in the region. The company specialises in the carriage of containerised cargo of every type including dry general cargo, oversized cargo, flexibags in 20' and liquid cargo like foods and chemicals in ISO Tanks. We also own large feelts of 20 & 40 DVs, HCs, FRs and OTs. Along with a wide variety of containers, Econ provides slot and space utilisation agreements with all the common carriers and shipping lines. High frequency and customised transit times for the customers is one of our biggest strengths. Simplified operations are possible because of Econ's efficient and robust IT system which is designed to focus on the customers needs and wants. With the hope to deliver easy shipping, we provide electronic services for payments, scheduling and tracking of goods.

Econ Shipping specialises the transport of food grade cargo like vegetable oil, wine and juices in ISO Tanks with a capacity of 25,000 litres and bottom valves. With zero leakage and eco-friendly bamboo floors, we promise a great range of flat racks, beds and open top containers for our customers.

With a back office and IT innovation centre in Mumbai, we've had a great track record and overall growth from the start. This is owed largely to our people who work seamlessly 24x7, an advanced IT system, competitive pricing and our young and well maintained fleet of containers. The quality of our services has been appreciated through awards like the Asia Pacific Brand Award 2013 and the Singapore Distinguished Maritime Award. Other certifications and ratings from CRISIL, ISO and BL are a representation of Econ's abilities.

Along with a flawless online system and quality containers, Econ Shipping carries with appropriate segregation and care. Since the process requires DG permission from terminals and carriers, we request our shippers to submit the necessary documents before time to ensure efficient planning and execution.

Our Containers

70% of our containers are are less than 3 years old containers with eco-friendly bamboo floors.

All our fleet are well maintained to a very high standard of maintenance.


  • Asia Pacific Brand Award 2013.
  • Top 100 Singapore International & Top 1000 SME in Singapore.
  • Singapore Distinguished Maritime Award.
  • CRISIL Rating : Strong Performer (SE2B).
  • ISO 9001-2008 : British Certifications Inc.
  • BL Registrations : Ministry Of Communications, People's Republic Of China.
  • Insured by TT Club, London.


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  • Payments : You can get Bills online from customer's dedicated login.
  • Schedule : You Can check in just 1Click from our website.
  • Tracking : See your shipment's live status. Click & email yourself.
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ISO Tanks

We carry liquid cargo in ISO Tanks. We specialise in food grade cargo like vegetable oil, wine, and juices etc.

The ISO Tanks use for such cargo are specially designed & built, with capacity of 25,000 litres with bottom valves.

In comparison to flexibags, there would be no leakage or wastage in our ISO Tanks. In addition, we carry chemicals and non-chemicals in ISO Tanks. Both Haz & non-Haz.

Over Dimensional Cargo

We have flat racks, beds, and open-tops in 20' & 40' sizes. We store our special equipments in Singapore, Nhava Sheva, Bandar Abbas, and Malaysia and can be quickly deployed in any place upon demand.

IMCO Haz Cargo

We carry with proper segregation and care. Since this involves DG permission from Terminals and Carriers, we request our shippers to submit the documents in advance for better & quicker planning.

Our Vision has been to be the best in the eyes of our customers. Our mission has been to follow the path to excellence by fusing technology, talents, and best operating practices. 2016 was a remarkable year for liner shipping and we would best remember it for the following peculiarities. A desperate business landscape. The usual trade lanes of the NVOCCs were encroached by the giant MLOs. The prices went insanely negative. The Depots got filled with empty Units. The ships starved for containers. Everyone was looking for that elusive bottoming up to happen. And there was little respite until October, when things started looking up and chaotic at the same time. Services were disrupted, with new alliances and old ones breaking up. With this chaos in the background, we stuck on to our mission. We went on looking to hire talents. We went on developing technology. We went on sharpening our processes. We focused on binding them all. We made sure that we delivered value to our customers. We measured the response time to customers' instructions with our online system and set the Quality on work to do specific tasks in certain time capsules. Examples - when a customer places a booking we create a CRO or respond within 40 minutes, when a payment proof is uploaded we check our Bank receipt and respond in 40 minutes, eDO is released in 40 minutes of our customer uploading the correct documents & payment proof. This has not only improved our response time, this has also made the processes of our customer easier and simpler. Time wasted on phone verification is saved by the customer. Without the customer reminding us, our system keeps on reminding us to complete the tasks asked by our customer. We have made the Shipper Login more interactive with our Customer Relationship team. While doing all these in 2017, we have tightened out KYC processes to filter out unscrupulous exporters engaged in illegal activities. Not to forget, we built up our inventory to 7000+ during 2016 as per our set target. We overshot our target by 20%. We added up nearly 600 brand new containers from the factories in China. Then we started carrying liquid cargo in ISO Tank containers. Ordered 25 ISO Tanks and planned to order 75 more in 2017. We were onto a fleet of 50 ISO Tanks at the dawn of 2016. We loved growing up in tough times in a tough neighbourhood.

Going forward, we plan a host of exciting things in 2017. We would make an Android app a reality soon. This App for our customers would be linked to our CR Control Panel (Customer Relationship) and would be highly interactive and productive for our customers. For example, the customer could ask for a new booking, eSign(1) or (2), upload documents and payment proofs directly from the android App and get a 'done response' in a matter of minutes. In addition, there would be a few more new surprises. All these would be first in the industry. That would be exciting. Our organic growth would continue in 2017. Perhaps more rapidly than the usual 20%. We would add 100 new ISO Tanks and with our new orders push our inventory strength to 8000+ Units. The new builds will have stronger & more durable floorboards less suseptible to cargo damage. Our MNR Team would focus harder to uplift the quality of repairs to the next level. We would avoid carrying melting, turning, and boring ferrous scrap materals to maintain our containers to a high standard and bring down the losses associated with extensive repairs for such cargo. We would revamp our website to look and feel better and more contemporary. We see the future of mobile computing and artificial intelligence in shipping applications. And we would start the ball rolling.

We thank our customers to stand by us and pay us a freight higher than the market average. We had to apologetically stick to our pricing policy and sacrifice market share in order to maintain our standard of quality. We promise to work even harder to add value to our customers, and keep our pricing policy as benign as our standard of service would permit.

Warmest regards
CMD, Capt. PS Rath

We carry a beginner's mind. Every problem is a new challenge and we seek a new solution, when the old does not stand its test. We know that we are rich in experience. We use that as a lever to do things better. At the same time, we keep seeking fresh & new ideas, without the burden of being stuck with our past experiences. Customer is at the centre of all that we do & think.

We work with minimum hierarchy & maximum spread. Merit is the yard stick of supremacy at work. We have a young pool of talents. They are free to experiment with their ideas. Taking responsibility, solving problems quickly, and serving the customers in the best possible ways are very important for us.

We work with new technology as much as we can. And work hard to engage our customers to them. We constantly give up old & redundant practices. Replace them with new technology & ideas.

Honesty, truthfulness, and a human approach are the fundamental building blocks of all our strategies. We deliver more than we promise. We stand by our commitments even in the most adverse situation. Politeness is practiced both inside and outside the organisation.

Econship supports the cause of Autism. It has adopted 'La Casa School For Special Education' in its drive towards Autism awareness, schooling for individuals with Autism, & general education to children in slums. We take active part in Autism awareness walks organised by La Casa Foundation & help spread its message through Social media.