iWant - Econ's Alexa

'iWant' is our Alexa. Just click on what you want and the same shall be executed in record time. This is not a straight forward chatting app. It's design has two prime elements. It prompts the customer to ask the right question - in the context of the progression of a particular shipment. And it prompts the responder with answers by popping the question up  next to all the available pertinent information for the answer. Let's start by the first part. It's more intuitive than Alexa. Alexa does not prompt you with what questions to ask. You ask and Alexa responds. 'iWant' is different. When you are stuck, 'iWant' shows a small menu of questions to select from. For example, if your container is already loaded on a vessel, your question can be found from a list under 'After SOB'. That list contains a few questions like (1) I want BL Print (2) I want Surrender (3) I want a shipping Certificate & so on. 'iWant' works both on your dedicated login on your browser or on our EconApp. You go and select the question. That's it. If you want to ask something that is not there (likelihood is very less), you may choose to type your question as well. 

The responder finds your question on his control Panel (CP). He gets an immediate notification on all his devises. At a glance he can check the status of the shipment and status of compliance of documentation and payments. Therefore, he is in a position to respond very quickly with accurate responses. For example, if you you ask to 'Surrender' BL, the responder can check BL's locked or signed status, receipt of money status, and the status of mandatory uploaded docs and according click 'Yes'. You get an instant response that it's done followed by a formal auto-mail. In case some thing is amiss, the responder instantly chats back with the deficiencies and requests you to fulfill them. The time gap between your request and its subsequent actioning takes place very quickly. If you are an App user you can chat back and forth from any place.