Dry Van Containers:

  • These containers are covered up on all sides for complete protection alongwith strong floor board.
  • With a capacity of 28200 KGs the DV and 32500 KGs of 40'HC are perfect for easy shipping.
  • Due to its ability to transport cargo under heavy stress, it can be used for shipment of commodities in cartons, bulk and loose cargo as well as furniture.

Open Top:

  • An Open Top container is covered on the sides but open from the top.
  • This makes it ideal for tall or large shipments like building materials and sheet glasses that would not fit through the container’s height.

Flat Rack:

  • This type of container is really sturdy even though it is open from the top and most sides.
  • The Flat Rack is ideal for carrying Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC) which should be stacked such as cables, steel coils and pipes.

ISO Tanks:

  • Built to the International Organisation for Standards (ISO) and introduced recently, the T11 tanks are cylindrical containers that can carry liquids in large amounts.
  • They are designed to carry hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. Food grade liquids which may need insulated environments can also be shipped without any leakage.

ECON Shipping delivers efficient shipping online, with high quality containers. We understand that each customer has a different need and it is our aim to meet every requirement. With our vast range of containers in terms of size, capacity and type, we offer nothing less than the best for every shipment.

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